Antique Tow Trucks

We are proud to have one of the finest collections of antique tow trucks in the world!

The Storer Antique Tow Truck Collection began in September of 1997 when our founder, Mark Storer, purchased his first classic truck. Shortly after the purchase of the 1925 Ford Model TT Mark developed a passion for the history of our industry as he worked to restore it into a classic tow truck.

Since that time restoration projects have been continuously ongoing in the Burien Towing warehouse, which currently houses 13 distinctly different show vehicles. From 1997 until his death in 2008, Mark collected each of those classic trucks, restoring three of them to pristine condition, while continually improving the rest in the fleet. The three fully restored trucks were taken apart piece by piece and rebuilt from the ground up by Mark and his crew. Nine trucks in the collection are restored to “show quality” and have won awards at various local and regional events.

Two of the trucks are antique hotrods, six are original antiques, and one is a 2004 Chevrolet SSR pickup truck. The SSR was Mark’s daily driver whenever he was free from his regularly assigned tow truck and is the only truck in the museum that is not an antique, but its vintage design and limited production has made it a favorite among spectators.

In 2010 we completed the restoration of a 1966 Ford F-350, as a tribute to Mark’s son Brian who died alongside Mark in an unexpected airplane accident.

Each truck in the Storer Antique Tow Truck Collection is unique and has a special place in our hearts.

All of our classic trucks can be found here:

To view the Storer Antique Tow Truck Collection in person or to request a truck for an event, please call 206-243-6252.